About Mannis Images

We began our interest in photography because of our love of animals and the natural world. In photography every detail becomes important and a possible subject; it has changed the way we look at the world. We feel so lucky to be able to do something we love and attempt to capture the beautiful and interesting sights around us in order to share our view with you. We hope that looking at our images inspires everyone to slow down and really SEE what is around us.

Chuck and Fran


  • Missouri Baptist Hospital
  • Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Olive Surgery Center, RPI Surgery Center, St. Louis Physical Therapy, Omni Physical Therapy, Professional Imaging,
  • Jewish Community Center
  • Multiple private collections
  • Commerce Bank


  • St. Louis Camera Club
  • Photographic Society of America International Competition
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch Annual Photo Travel Contest
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit